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PARENTDEAF-HH: Family Summer Programs

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Subj: Re: Family Summer Programs
Date: 97-04-05 11:54:59 EST
From: (DeLores)


A family camping situation closer to home for you might be the Gospel Ministries for the Deaf family camp each July at Twin Rocks Friends Camp at the Coast in Oregon. It is Non-denominational, and is for family members older than two years old. Bill Erickson is the Director. Christian Deaf Center in SE Portland can give you more information. Another fun camp is Camp Taloali near Stayton, OR. They have summer camps for deaf children but the highlight is the World Deaf Timberfest over Labor Day week which draws deaf from all over the world. Although these are not strictly 'ASL family camps' you will find almost everyone using ASL constantly. It will also give you lots of contact with the Deaf community in this area. I have found these people to be warm, caring and very interested in reaching out to hearing parents of deaf children over the years.

DeLores Wilson
Hillsboro, OR

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Subj: Family Summer Programs
Date: 97-04-05 04:46:49 EST
In a message dated 97-04-04 00:18:40 EST, you write:

> I'm wondering if there are any 1 or 2 week programs in the summer where families can go and enjoy neat activities in an all ASL setting? I believe Gallaudet used to have such a program (?)...does it still? I'm aware of one such program but because of State funding regulations, does not seem to be open to out of staters.

Thanks for considering this question. I will look forward to any answers! Wendy Hardy Keedy Mom to Kendra (10, CHARGE Syndrome, Deaf), Camille (19), Alexander 16) >

Hi Wendy and all,

Unfortunately Gallaudet no long has Family Learning Vacations - we really learned a lot there! Many local and state groups have set up similar programs.

I don't know of any two week programs, but do know there are other opprtunities.

1.National Association of the Deaf (NAD) has a great Convention in even numbered years. A full week of wonderful activities and workshops. 1998 they will meet in San Antonio, TX. Come see us! Corpus is on the coast 2 hours South.

2. ASDC also has a wonderful Convention for the whole family. We will be in Rochester in '98 and I will get the info out to the whole list next Fall.

3. Another great option for you with teenagers might be Deaf Star Travel. This company sets up cruises for deaf people. I have heard the trips are fabulous, not only for the cruise, but because the vacationers are Deaf, and everything is accessible! Does anyone have the number for DeafStar?

4. AAAD tournaments are great fun, and a good place to meet and socialize with Deaf people. They are usually long weekends at state level.

There are more opportunities, I follow the journal and magazines for announcements.


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