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Subj: Re: Beginning ASL student
Date: 97-04-07 16:27:36 EDT
From: (Richard E. Bernard)
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An excellent book that comes with a video tape is- "Learning American Sign Language" by Tom Humphries and Carol Padden. The publisher is Prentice Hall 1 800 445 6991. I have seen the book in several book stores without the video, but the video is a must in order to use the book. Also, check the Gallaudet Book Store they have several excellent books on the history of ASL and signing which I found very helpful. One book was "Seeing Language in Sign" and another is "Language in Motion." Both of these book will give you great insight.

Richard E. Bernard, RHU
Disability Consultant
Provident Companies
818 603 8498

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Subj: Re: Beginning ASL student
Date: 97-04-05 20:22:19 EST
From: (Carola Finch)
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Kudos to HandTalk to their new site! I especially appreciate the "Resources for products related to deafness and/or sign language" page. (I was thinking of doing something like this myself). Now when the question of resources comes up, we have a place to send people at:

Welcome to the list Holly - I am sure you will find it helpful. My personal favorites for good sign language videos are: Sign Enhancers, Sign Media and Dawn Sign Press. You will find links to many sites at the above web page (some are new to me). Good luck.

The Signers' Network

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Subj: Re: Beginning ASL student
Date: 97-04-07 09:32:54 EDT
From: stonecit@K2.KIRTLAND.CC.MI.US (Terri Stonecipher)
Sender: DEAF-L@SIU.EDU (Deaf List)
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My name is Terri, and I am a future interpreter - deaf advocate. You had asked for some helpful books or videos, so I hope this helps you and others who may be interested.

Harris Communications, Inc.
15159 Technology Drive
Eden Prairie, MN 55344-2277
1-800-825-6758 voice
1-800-825-9187 tty
1-612-906-1099 fax

Sign Enhancers, Inc.
Order Dept. 97B
PO Box 12687
Salem, OR 97309-0687
1-800-767-4461 (tty/v)

I mention both of these because of their excellent selection of materials. Sign Enhancers is mostly video tapes for interpreters. Both are excellent sources. I have more, but don't have much time this morning before class to list them all here. If you e-mail me personally, I will get you some more information, unless others on the list would also like this information.

If I may also add, one of the strings off of this mentioned volunteering. That is an excellent idea. I started volunteering on my campus. Since I attend a rural community college, we don't have a high deaf population of students, but we had two! I introduced myself to them, and over time, became their "bridge" with the other "hearing" students. Something that they wouldn't have had otherwise during their free time on campus. I later volunteered at our local school and worked with the mainstreamed students. There are sure to be deaf in your area. Even in our rural area, we have 40. Just have to get creative, but the opportunities are out there.

I have to say, after 2 years having no previous deaf contacts, I have learned a lot. I have had wonderful, patient teachers both in the classroom and out. I have done well because no one told me that I shouldn't be able to learn so fast. You can just have to believe in yourself.

Hope all this helps. Sorry to everyone for such a long response.

Terri R. Stonecipher

"There are people who think deafness is a handicap purely because they are under the illusion that they are saying something worth hearing." -- unknown

"The problem is not that the [deaf] students do not hear. The problem is that the hearing world does not listen." -- Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, 1988 (at Gallaudet)

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Subj: Re: Cute Kid/SL - CD (fwd)
Date: 97-03-31 18:07:18 EST
From: smanros@EN.COM (Susan Manross)
Sender: EDUDEAF@LSV.UKY.EDU (A Practical Discussion List Regarding Deaf Education)
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Great story. Thanks for sharing that. FYI the Oregon School for the Deaf has published an ASL cd rom entitled American Sign Language. It sells for $13.00 and looks nice. It is for the Macintosh computer (a HyperCard stack) contact:
Oregon School for the Deaf,
999 Locust St. NE
Salem, OR 97303-5299.

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