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Subj: Deaf Entertainment Guild Directory 1997
Date: 97-03-23 17:38:29 EST
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Beverly Hills, California. The Deaf Entertainment Foundation (DEF) is honored to announce the release of its first edition Deaf Entertainment Guild Directory (DEG).

The Deaf Entertainment Guild Directory (DEG) is DEF 's newest, and by far, most challenging project to date. The directory is devoted to the recognition of Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing artisans within the entertainment industry. Also, the directory includes Hearing talents fluent in sign language. This directory is the largest of its kind, with over 150 talents, providing the talents headshot & resume, contact information, and union affiliations. It will be sent out to all the powerbrokers within the entertainment industry.

The mission is to promote and encourage excellence within Deaf/HOH artisans. The DEG will soon grow to become an industry standard, introducing the Hollywood creative community to some very talented artists. A free book will be given to the participants, and to those in the industry who qualify. DEF is a 501 ( C ) 3 non profit, and is also selling the book for $45.00 US & $55.00 Canada. If you are interested in supporting the foundation please don' t hesitate to contact us.

The DEG is a publication that will be printed annually with daily updates on our WWW Site. You can visit our site at This will allow the industry quick & easy access of the directory with constant updates.

If you are interested in purchasing a book or would like further information please contact
8306 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 906
Beverly Hills, California 90211-2382
Voice/Fax: 213-782-1344 * TTY: 213-782-0298
Email: *

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