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Date: Fri, 14 Mar 1997 16:42:36 -0800
From: Greg Smith
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Inside Information for Friends of the Disability Movement's Live Weekly Radio Voice

LOCAL SPONSORS NEEDED! Everywhere in America, people with disabilities and their friends and families would love to be able to tune in our movement's radio voice every week. You can bring it home for your town! Call your local durable medical equipment retailer, vehicle modifier, rehab center, cellular phone company, big time car dealer, bank, computer retailer, public transit provider or other businesses and ask them to sponsor the show. That's all it takes. They can call our Local Sponsorship Hotline at 1-888-800-7655 toll free during the week for details, and you'll be listening live next week!


As you probably know, On A Roll is the nation's only live weekly syndicated commercial radio talk show on disability lifestyle issues. This program is important because people with disabilities now have a powerful media tool that can be used to promote resources and action items, and to share experiences and become empowered. We can use it as an advocacy tool, making injustices and ADA violations public knowledge, and sending tapes of the program to people who can correct these problems. This show can do a lot of good for our movement.


We're looking for ways to involve and include the deaf community in this concept. One solution is a web site known as Cheetahcast ( ) that features real-time open captioning of broadcasts live over the internet. There are other options which include cable TV simulcasts of the broadcast with open captioning. What are some other options? We invite deaf community members who have expertise in this area to contact us with suggestions for making this an all-inclusive forum. Cheetahcast is a service that will cost approximately $300 per week. Please forward this appeal to people who may have solutions. Also, please include funding ideas in your response to this challenge.

ON A ROLL LOOKING FOR AREA REPRESENTATIVES ACROSS THE COUNTRY If you are willing to put in some time and effort, we may have a way for you to earn an extra few hundred dollars a month or more. On A Roll is looking for local promotional/sales representatives across the country. Your responsibility would be to contact local businesses that have an interest in targeting the disabled. This is part of our effort to add more radio stations to our network. Chances are, the only thing preventing On A Roll from reaching airwaves in your community is a few local sponsors. If we approach radio stations with sponsors in hand, they'll air the show. We need people to identify local sponsors and present the concept of On A Roll to them. Qualifications include: internet access, ability to get around town, good presentation skills and a professional appearance. E-mail or call 602-777-7058 if interested.

COMING UP ON THE SHOW! March 16: Kevin Saunders, the first person with a disability ever appointed to the President's Committee on Fitness will be our guest! Not your typicical "rollermusculehead powergimp." There's substance here. We'll talk about motivation, and making things happen. March 23: Tony Coehlo, Chairman of the President's Committee on Employment of People with disabilities. You'll hear about real jobs from real corporate employers... and entrepreneurship resources! March 30: The Crip Oscars! Marty Norden, Author of "Cinema of Isolation" gives his top motion picture picks of all time... movies that got it right in presenting people with disabilities... and his top 5 dogs... shameful Hollywood stereotypical formulas that make us look bad!

NEW CLEVELAND AFFILIATE -- Welcome listeners of WERE-AM in Cleveland, OH. You'll be able to hear On A Roll tape delayed, Monday nights at 8PM. This is a one-month trial opportunity. If you have any ideas for sponsors in Cleveland that can ensure that the show stays on the air, call us at 602-759-3657, or e-mail

YOUR IDEAS -- We aim to please. Please let us know what you'd like to hear on the show. --

Greg Smith

On A Roll -- Talk Radio on Life & Disability, Sundays on the following stations:
City Time Station City Time Station
Boston, MA 7PM WROL 950 AM | Worcester, MA 7PM WCRN 830 AM
Springfield, MA 7PM WACE 730 AM | Houston, TX 6PM KFCC 1270 AM
Port Huron, MI 7PM WIFN 1590 AM | Ann Arbor, MI 6PM WAAM 1000 AM
Dayton, OH 12PM WING 1410 AM | Topeka, KS 5PM KMAJ 1440 AM
Hays, KS 6PM KAYS 1400 AM | Tucson, AZ 5PM KTKT 990 AM
Phoenix, AZ 5PM KFNN 1510 AM | Portland, OR 4PM KBNP 1410 AM web

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