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Subj: Book "Deaf Again"
Date: 97-09-05 08:29:21 EDT
From: habla@NEWTON.DIALIX.COM.AU (Henry Blackmore)
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Some weeks ago I obtained a copy of Mark Drolsbaugh's new book, "Deaf Again", but only now have I had time to sit down and read it.

It is an enthralling account of his journey from childhood to adulthood through progressively increasing deafness, and of his encounters with and triumphs over related difficulties along the way. It is a story told without bitterness or self-pity, a story which reflects the wisdom learned from significant others and gained from perceptive personal insights. It is a book hard to put down, because it is easy to read and heart-warming in the encouragement it offers to others who have any close involvement with deaf people. I particularly liked Mark's well- balanced observations on the multiple choices which parents of deaf children face, his readiness to consider fairly the views of others, and his empathic acceptance of the multivariant facets of human existence. I have recommended this book to my students and to Deafness Resources Australia.

It is available from Handwave Publications, 1201 Bethlehem Pike, Suite 105, North Wales, PA 19454, USA.

 Harry Blackmore

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