INCLASS: Careers Project

Grades 4 to 7

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Date: Wed, 27 Aug 1997 09:34:57 -0400 (EDT)
From: Doug Walker <dewalker>
Subject: Careers Project for Teachers in Grades 4 to 7


Dear Teachers: (This project will be posted once a week for next month)

I would like to introduce a Grassroots project that is part of Science and Technology Week (theme: Discover Science at Work) and associated with learning about Careers in Science and Technology. The project is aimed at students in Grades 4 to 7 and is highly supported through lesson plans and technical help. Secondly, it really gets students involved in discovering 'people at work in science (or technology)' in their communities. Everything is set up for the participating teacher or class. It's going to be fun!!!

I will give summary below and the steps to become involved and supported in the project called the 'Careers Partner Project'. The project will be highlighted on my page 'Mr. G's Applied Technology (and Science) Site' under careers

The grassroots submission can be viewed at .

The submission will give teachers the objectives of the project.

Careers Partner Project


1. In partner classes or schools in different communities across Canada students interview people at work in science (or technology) using questionnaire forms provided during Science and Technology Week from Oct. 17 - 26, 1997. The interviews include taking a picture (digital or regular) and an interview.

2. The interviews are rewritten onto a web page by teacher or students. We have web pages teachers or students can use (just type the information between the html symbols and save). If teachers do not have a digital camera/scanner regular pictures can be taken and sent to Coal Tyee Elementary School by mail (and your interview/html pages e-mailed and we will post the work here for you).

3. The web pages are either placed on partner class or school server (or server available) or the web page and picture is e-mailed to the host school (Coal Tyee Elementary School in Nanaimo)and we place it on our web site.

4. The interviews and web pages are submitted or posted by Jan. 31, 1998 for use for communities across Canada (and other countries are very welcome).

5. My class will keep track of participating communities with a map of Canada and maps for participating countries. As we link to different communities the class, city, and country will be made evident.



1. The project first of all is supported by the Mid Island Science Council (B.C. Science Council), Brainium (MultiActive Software), The Information, Sciences and Technology Agency, Coal Tyee Elementary School, other (under discussion), and technical/educational support from P. Grey (Grade 5 teacher/webmaster).

2. The project is supported by a Careers Web Section on Mr. G's Applied Technology Site. The web section includes 6 lessons designed to be a paper or electronic portfolio/book (under portfolio), profiles (from Coal Tyee will be posted soon after Science and Technology Week in October.)

3. Two Web pages have been created and are available to participating schools. The information to request for this are: mainprofile.htm (lists names of Career Personalities)with icon picture called b-profiles.gif and prof1.htm. Just ask to have web pages and icon e-mailed to you.

4. Technical questions and support can be received by e-mailing Mr. G at:


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