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Subj: Announcing PARENTDEAF-HH Listserv
Date: 97-03-13 19:15:21 EST
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An Internet Discussion Group for Parents
Founded by the American Society for Deaf Children


PARENTDEAF-HH is a listserv for the discussion of parenting issues faced by parents raising children who are deaf or hard of hearing. Parents, educators and professionals are invited to subscribe. This discussion list is sponsored by the American Society for Deaf Children (ASDC) to provide a forum for parents to share their questions, concerns, successes and failures with others who have similar experiences. The discussion will remain respectful of personal differences in communication and education options.

Parents not only have many questions about raising their children, they also have a vast wealth of information about dealing with these very questions. By providing a way for these parents to interact directly with each other, the benefit for the children will be immeasurable. There are countless topics parents can discuss, from the first questions about methods of communication to solutions for keeping hearing aids on a toddler or encouraging a teenager to read. PARENTDEAF-HH addresses all topics related to raising children who have a hearing loss.

Through a diverse group of subscribers, we can make public parentsí best successes and seek answers to their most perplexing problems. We recognize that all children are unique, and the parentsí choices for education and communication are as individual as the children. Through respect for the parentsí right to choose for their family, we can share and learn without degrading or arguing the relative value of those choices.

To subscribe, send an email message to with nothing in the body of the message except: subscribe PARENTDEAF-HH your name (please insert your real name, not screen name). Within several days, you will be part of this dynamic parent discussion. Celebrating our 30th Anniversary, ASDC is a parent-helping-parent, non-profit organization with the purpose of providing support, encouragement and information to families raising children who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Benna Timperlake
American Society For Deaf Children 916-482-0120

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