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01_Project_Name = Three Wishes

02_Contact_Person = Cathy Baker

03_Email_Contact =

04_Description = Students will follow a format to write a five sentence paragraph explaining what they would wish for if they had three wishes. It must be a thing, a happening and a place to visit. Completed essays will be posted on the WWW. No html knowledge is needed.

05_Month = February

06_How_Long = 5 months

07_Objectives = When 4th - 6th graders are asked to write a paragraph, the result is often a few short, choppy sentences beginning with the, an, a, or I. This activity guides students through the writing process for a successful five-sentence paragraph with varied sentence beginnings. Repeating this process frequently with many, varied topics teaches students to use variety to create interesting paragraphs.

08_URL =

09_Share = Completed essays can be emailed to and they will be put up at the Three Wishes Web Site ( If participants have their own web page for posting the completed work, we will put up a link to their page. ---------------------------------------------------------------

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