EDUDEAF: New Address for Gallaudet Catalogs

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Date: 97-02-21 12:09:59 EST


Here is the information from Gallaudet about where to order materials that were in their Deafness Gallery catalog. By the way, the N.A.D. bookstore has also closed, so don't bother to call them!

To order books and videos specifically published by Gallaudet Press, including the Signed English children's books and the professional deafness books, they are now distributed by the University of Chicago distribution center at 800-621-2736. You can order by phone with visa or mastercard, or call for price info and mail a check. They offer discounts for schools, etc.

To order gift items that were in the Gallaudet catalog, you can contact us directly as we are the manufacturer and supplier of the majority of jewelry and stationery items that were in the Gallaudet catalog as well as in the TJ Publishers and Harris Communications catalogs. We offer a retail catalog as well as wholesale discounts for schools and other organizations that purchase for resale. You can reach us at: 757-787-1905 or email us with your postal address ( and we will send you our color catalog of "Hand Chat" Sign Language gifts.

To order other books and videos that are not published by Gallaudet Press, as well as assistive devices, contact Harris Communications at 800-825-6758.

Hope this information is helpful!

Karen Simpson

Uploaded by: B.J. Lawrence / Kent State University / Deaf Education Major