PARENTDEAF-HH: Forbidden Signs

Key Words: Deaf Education Information, Books and Journals, Deafness Specific Professional Resources

Subj: Re: Brad, the Audiologist
Date: 97-03-31 14:23:21 EST
From: (Robert J. Hoffmeister)

I strongly urge parents to learn all they can about what motivates and drives people in the business of education and the Deaf.

I suggest the following book which is very well written and offers some interesting insights as to how the Deaf (and Deaf children) are treated according to the prevailing views outside of Deaf education. It is called "Forbidden Signs" by Douglas Baynton. A terrific historical perspective of the 1800 and early 1900's.

The current influences of bioengineering, biomedical research, inclusion, deinstitutionalization, language engineering, attitudes towards immigrants, welfare, and people in "need" are dictating many of the policies that Deaf children and Deaf adults will live with far into the future.

By the way if anyone would like copies of our papers please send me your hard mail address directly to me
and I will see to it you receive copies.

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