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Date: 97-03-20 05:00:21 EST
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>In our County, under new curriculum, our first graders are expected to be able to both read and spell the Dolch words by the end of the year. Yet, there has been no formal spelling instruction. Alex has been a sight reader since age two and is just now starting to use a little Phonics at age 6. He reads and comprehends at a minimum of the middle of third grade (that's where the assessor stopped due to fatigue on his part). Yet, because he does not hear all of the speech sounds, esp any of those above 2000 hz, he cannot spell phonetically. Are there standard strategies that one uses for teaching spelling to hoh children who do not hear all of the speech sounds? He can do a little bit of phonics, but can't distinguish some/many of the sounds due to his hearing loss. The special educator who has no experience with deaf/hoh children has made recommendations but without doing any research as to what is appropriate for deaf/hoh children. Any ideas for our next team? He's struggling with the spelling and we need strategies...also, if there's any documentation for these strategies, if you could point us there, we'd appreciate it! Thanks up front!

Linda S>

I have found hearing children who are having difficulty with spelling and phonics respond really well to fingerspelling the words. It also helps Deaf children I have worked with, to concentrate on the shape of the word. They are visual learners and need to seek out the visual aspects that help them learn. Hope these help.


"If I hear I forget, If I see I dont remember, if I 'do' I learn."

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