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Subj: Re: family vacation/retreat (to help learn sign language)
Date: 97-03-13 19:03:26 EST
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Gallaudet used to offer a complete summer program for families. I don't think there is any camping, etc., though.

Recommend calling to see if they still have that offered. I didn't see anything in their Summer Sessions '97 catalog, which is usually where the advertisement is done.

There is a Seminar being offered in July 97 called "Planning a Family Learning Vacation for Parents of Deaf or Hard of Hearing Children". Catalog lists points of contacts as 202/651-6060 tty/v and e-mail:

Also, Outward Bound School, the one in North Carolina has some courses run in the summer for Deaf/Hard of Hearing. You might want to contact them also, as I am not sure about family-specific courses. Their address is 121 N. Sterling Street, Morganton, NC. Ph 1-800/841-0186.


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