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Subj: Re: intro
Date: 97-03-12 12:50:09 EST
From: (HandTalk/T. Coates)


>Teresa, welcome to the list! I am a student of an interpreter training >program and interested to know more about your newsletter. How do you >subscribe? >

>Trinette Co

It is pretty simple. Subscriptions are $18/year or $32/2years (in the US) or $35/year (foreign), with 6 issues coming out each year. If you want to subscribe you just need to send your name, address, phone and/or email, and check or money order to
2374 S.E. 58th Ave.
Portland, OR 97215-4012

That's about it. Thanks for asking. I think you will enjoy the newsletter. About 1/2 of our subscribers are ITP students, they can't all be wrong about it. :-)


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