Parentdeaf-HH: Emergency ID Card

Key Words: Deaf education information, deafness related issues, legal issues

Subj: Re: Emergency Identification Card
Date: 97-08-15 11:26:16 EDT

New Jersey now has a company that provides an Interpreter Referral Service.

They also have Emergency Identification Cards (business card size). The card says:

* I am a deaf person.

* I need an interpreter to communicate.

* This card identifies my right to the services of a qualified interpreter.

To find out more information contact, 1-800-275-7551-V or 1-800-275-5599-TTY


At the New Jersey Assn of the Deaf Convention on August 1-2, 1997, one workshop dealt with the protective services that Deaf people need in emergency situations. How many stories have we heard about law enforcement agency personnel or hospital personnel not recognizing a Deaf person who is trying to use their hands for communication?

MaryAnne Kowalczyk

Uploaded by: BJ Lawrence/Kent State University/Deafed Major