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"Flight of the Gin Fizz"

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Subj: Henry Kisor's newest book is out
Date: 97-08-28 09:34:55 EDT
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I just got an announcement that I want to share: Henry Kisor's latest book "Flight of the Gin Fizz" went on sale last Tuesday. For people who don't know him, Henry is profoundly deaf (from meningitis during childhood I think--early post-lingual, anyway), and has built a career as a newspaper editor. His books are autobiographical, dealing with deafness in the hearing world is part and parcel of it. I liked his "Pig" but "Zephyr" is plain good reading. I expect "Gin Fizz" to be equally good. From the blurb:

"Henry Kisor didn't realize what he was getting himself into when a friend invited him aboard his small plane one afternoon, but...he found himself exhilarated as never before.... He needed to reclaim his zest for life, and he found the answer in learning how to fly.

"Kisor...learns that...Visual Flight Rules are the same for hearing and deaf pilots alike (and) plans a suitable maiden voyage: a re-enactment of Cal Rodgers's 1911 journey from New York to Los Angeles, the first coast-to-coast flight. Along the way, Kisor learns that Rodgers himself suffered from a severe hearing loss, which adds an unexpected personal connection to the enterprise.

"...Making 65 stops from New York to Chicago to Texas to California, Kisor introduces us to the men and women who make up the 'brotherhood of aviation'...and who open a window onto a rich and charming side of American life and lore.

"But 'Flight of the Gin Fizz' is an internal journey, too, as Kisor...learns how to push the envelope of his own capacities, reaching new levels of proficiency and self-reliance, and stretching the limits of his familiar landbound life. For pilots, passengers, and armchair adventurers of all stripes, Kisor offers an unforgettable voyage of self-discovery and high adventure--and a new appreciation of life's possibilities.

"Henry Kisor, book editor of the Chicago the author of 'Zephyr: Tracking a Dream across America' and 'What's that Pig Outdoors?'"---maps, photos and index, $25.00 ISBN 0-465-02425-4, published by BasicBooks/Harper Collins.

Let's keep that Laddie scribbling. Buy, but if you can't afford to buy, request it from your library, so they will buy.

Nope: I don't get a cut in the royalties. 8(

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