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The correspondance course on 'Orientation of Sign Language and Bilingualism in Deaf Education' is sponsered by 'Deaf Foundation' which is an autonomous non profit making educational and research instituation.It has committed towards it's objective to improve the life of the deaf and to restore their human dignity.

The deaf in the Scandinavian countries have progressed rapidly and have successfully become even lawyers, Physicians, teachers, principals, school administrators, air pilots, chemists, psychologists, social workers and other professionals. It is only because of acceptance of Sign Language, Deaf Culture & Bilingualism in Deaf Education.

To propagate 'Sign Language & Bilingualism in Deaf Education' Dr. Dilip Deshmukh has conducted seminars at various places in India,Viz. Delhi,Bhopal, Bombay,Pune,Margao-Goa,Bengalore,Coimbator etc. This seminar has been proved to be useful for members of the Deaf Community i.e. The Deaf, their teachers, parents, family members, educators and others who are working with the deaf. To convey this message to the people at large, we have commenced the correspondence course.

Majority of the members of the Deaf Community i.e. the deaf, their parents, teachers, policy makers and people working with the deaf are unaware of the fact that 'Sign Language is a Natural language/Mothertongue of the deaf'. The opposition to sign language is because of misunderstandings, misconceptions, prejudices & ignorance. To clear the same this "Orientation Course" is launched.

In the field of deaf education & medicine, a deaf person is viewed as deficient. Hence the objective has been to change a deaf person to become a hearing one, which has led to "Oralism". In spite of implementing "Oralism" for more than 100 years with adequate man power & surplus monetary assistance; it has been repeatedly observed & assessed that the deaf didn't acquire the adequate social, cognitive & academic skills to become fully integrated partners in society. At the same time, it is learnt that sign language is more than a communication medium for the deaf. It is the basis of his cognitive, social, academic & emotional development. It is the foundation of deaf culture. The Bilingualism in deaf education is based on a fundamental revolution of the deaf experience where sign language is used as a medium of instruction. This Bilingualism is recommended & supported by WFD(World Federation Of the Deaf) & UNESCO (United Nations Educational Social Cultural Organization).

To propagate & strengthen the movement of "Sign Language & Bilingualism in Deaf Education", we have launched this "Orientation Course".

It has been widely recognized that distance education by postal coaching is an effective means and alternative mode of education. As we are aware that learning is a continuous process and this purpose is fulfilled by distance education. It enables an individual to acquire further knowledge or refurbish the knowledge which has been acquired already. Educational policy makers also call for the development and growth of distance education.

Distance education has many advantages as one can study in his spare time while continuing his job or profession.

Study Material:

The institution will send the book "Sign language & Bilingualism in Deaf Education" written by Dr.Dilip Deshmukh. This is a first book written by an Indian author on this vital subject. It clears the misunderstandings, misconceptions & prejudices regarding "Sign language". It gives detail information about "The Deaf Way" and "Deaf Culture". It also gives detail explanation about "Critical Period, Language Acquisition & Language learning". The book has 18 articles which comprise of author's experiences and knowledge gained from years of study and various visits to international seminars and conferences in America & Sweden and from his association with "The Deaf Way". The various topics this book covers or deals with addition, are Bilingualism in Deaf Education, Oralism & Sign Language, Status of Sign Language in Deaf Education in India, Deaf people & Bilingualism, Bonaventura Model. Whether Sign Languages are the "Real Languages"?, WFD resolutions in regard to all round development of the deaf, and various other inspiring and thought provoking themes & topics. It helps in developing a positive attitude towards deafness.

This book is appreciated & recommended by eminent & renowned personalities in the field of deaf education. The following are a few remarks of appreciation.

"I was very impressed by your book. I especially enjoyed the example you had chosen because I would have used just the same ones myself. You really have internalized issues connected with bilingualism.

I would like to include information on your book and work in India in the WFD NEWS and also in our Circular letter to our member organizations because I am sure many other countries and educators in Asia would benefit from your example. I have told about your book to WFD experts who are distributing the information in Europe, too".
Ms. Lisa Kauppinen
World Federation Of the Deaf.

" The Book will become an important source of information about bilingualism. As Bilingualism now is an international trend, educators in your country will certainly appreciate your experiences and opinions."
Dr. Yerker Anderson
Ex - President
World Federation of the deaf.

" I believe it to be a very commendable and thorough compilation of current literature and happenings in the area of education of deaf children. You might be interested in knowing that your book is mentioned in my editorial for the current(1996) edition of the DEAF AMERICAN Monograph, "Historical Perspectives in Deafness."
Dr. Mervin D.Garretson.
Coordinator,The Deaf Way Conference & Festival,
Gallaudet University, Washington DC.

"This is an outstanding book"
Dr. Laura Ann Petitto
Professor & Director: Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory
for the study of Language, Sign & Cognition.
McGill University, Montreal, Canada.

Method of Instruction:

The course will be conducted through correspondence.

Medium of Instructions

The medium of instruction is English. The reference book is sent in English only. However as per your convenience you may send the answers in English. Hindi or Marathi.

Method of Examination:

A question paper will be sent along with the book. The answers should be sent to us not later than 4 months after receipt of the book.

Award of a Certificate:

The answer sent by a student are evaluated by experts to know whether the subject is understood. Later a certificate is sent by a registered post.


For orientation course, no formal qualification is required. Those who can read & write English can take admission to this course.


The duration of the course is four months. However earlier reply to question paper is appreciated

Course fee and mode of payment:

The course fee is U.S.$100/- The student should make the payment in U.S. $ by a check/demand draft payable to "Deaf Foundation", at Bombay [INDIA].

Limited Seats:

Only limited number of candidates will be admitted .The admission will be first come first serve basis only.


The main purpose of this postal course is to clear the misunderstandings, misconceptionism, prejudices & ignorance about the sign language, to develop a positive attitude towards Deaf Culture & to enhance/strengthen the deaf pride & in turn human dignity and above all to provide a podium for thoughtful interactions.


1 The Deaf are not defective models of hearing persons.

2 A deaf will never be a hearing person.

3 Sign Language is the language of free expression and communication for the deaf.

4 The deaf are human beings. Respect them and their language.

5 Education through mothertongue- Linguistic Human right.

6 To prohibit the use of sign language in a Deaf Group or in Deaf education is a Linguistic Genocide.

7 The deaf can only be reached either by learning their language or by the use of an interpreter.

8 There is nothing wrong with being deaf

9 there is much more to deafness than loss of hearing.

10 As long as there are Deaf people on earth, there will be Signs.

11 The problem of the deaf is not their lack of hearing, but the lack of understanding by the hearing people that Deaf have language

12 Deaf awareness and sign language work are the bases for any real improvement in the situation and living conditions of deaf persons.

13 Communication and interaction are however, essential human needs. Through them an individual learns the basic social skills

14 One of the most important factors affecting the life of deaf citizens in a society is the status of sign language.

15 The only satisfactory solution to improve the quality of education of the deaf is the use of sign language as the language of instructions in the schools of the Deaf.

16 Sign language of the deaf should be the parent's life -line for communication with their child.

And the last and the most important principal of "The Deaf way" is - "WE CAN DO ANYTHING EXCEPT HEAR." If you have any suggestion or if you need any information, please do E-mail. With best wishes,

Your's in "The Deaf Way"
[Dilip Deshmukh]
Deaf Foundation,Ichalkaranji

Please Convey this message of Orientation Course to all the Deaf Community. All the News publisher/Group-owner/List-owner are permitted to distribute this message to their members.

If you wish to take admission please fill this form and send it to my address *******************************Cut here*****************************************


i request you to enroll me as a student for the "Orientation Course on Sign language & Bilingualism in Deaf Education" I have carefully gone through the rules and regulations from the brochures and agree to abide them. [Please use Block Capital]

1. Name of the applicant
Mr./Mrs./Miss/Dr. :___________________________________________________

2 Nationality :___________________________________________________

3 Date of birth & Age :___________________________________________________

4 sex: male/female :________________

5 occupation/profession if any:_____________________________________________

6 Postal address :___________________________________________________

7 Phone no :

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9 E-mail :

10 Father's/Husband's Name:___________________________________________________

11 Educational Qualification:_________________________________________________

12 Are you Deaf/Hearing? __________________________________________________

13 Why are you joining this course?___________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________

14 Fees particular - U.S.$ 100/- sent by a check/Demand Draft No:______________ Bank______________________________________________________________________ check / Demand draft must be in the name of "Deaf Foundation" Payable at Bombay[INDIA].Otherwise it will be rejected.



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