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Subj: Re: Cognitive development
Date: 97-08-08 09:09:00 EDT
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Good Morning Everyone,

Just came upon an issue of HEARING HEALTH, August/September 1994. It contained an interesting article on the role deafness play in a child's cognitive development. The name of the article: "Deaf and Dumb?!?"

I also spoke with the editor, Paula Bonillas, last night and she said that you could contact her at 512-776-7240 (V/TTY) and request a free sample.

Paula has a great magazine because she herself is deaf. She is implanted and just wrote her update in the current issue. But many of her articles come from various authors on many varied topics. In a recent past issue, she had a story about minimal hearing loss in children and the children's performance in the classroom. Great information source.

The address is
P.O. Drawer V
Ingleside, Texas 78362

Have a wonderful day.

MaryAnne Kowalczyk

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