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Here's the information on how to subscribe to Inclass:

 How to subscribe to a mailing list

There are two important e-mail addresses associated with all mailing lists:

1.The administrative address, which handles subscription, unsubscription and other administrative requests. For all the English language lists on SchoolNet, the administrative address is

2.The list address itself, where subscribers send their contributions to be relayed to other subscribers. On SchoolNet, this address is of the, where listname is replaced by the name of the list.

 Subscribing to a list is a straightforward process. Simply send an e-mail message to In the body of the message provide the required subscription request in the format illustrated below:

 subscribe nameoflist yourfirstname yourlastname (for example subscribe snetalk-l John Smith)

 You will soon receive an e-mail notice confirming that your subscription has been successfully processed. The notice will provide additional information about the listserver and its usage commands (things like how to unsubscribe), as well as information about the topic of the list.

You will then begin receiving messages relayed from other subscribers, and can submit your own contributions by sending them to the list address (not the administrative address).

 This should work. If you're interested in some of the other stuff Schoolnet has to offer, the URL is:


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