PARENTDEAF-HH: 1998 Sign Away 365-Day Calendar

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Subj: Re: A Child's Choice and Sign Language
Date: 97-07-06 01:42:32 EDT

Eric just posted that he is finding that sign language is spreading like wildfire. Let me add that I certainly agree with him.

It was Katie Couric on the Today Show in May 1996 who said that a baby boomer is turning 50 years old every seven seconds. She went on to add that this boomer generation would be the first one to lose its hearing earlier than any prior generation. With all the late-deafened adults that we have come to know in the last six years, we certainly agree with her comment.

In anticipation of this ballooning population with hearing loss and with an awareness that sign language is becoming "acceptable" my husband and I used our late learned knowledge about deafness and Deaf Culture and created and published The 1998 Sign Away 365-Day Calendar (A Sign Language Desk Calendar).

It is finished and in our storage facility. It allows HEARING people to learn sign language BEFORE they may need it. It allows parent and child the ability to learn together. It allows hearing parents to give this little tool to the extended family (if they believe that there child with a hearing loss should be included communicatively in the family as completely as possible).

The calendar teaches signs, then a concept, then the grammar and syntax and then it shows how the sentence is put together. ByJanuary 11, you will be making your first sentence in sign language.

It's rather inexpensively priced at the introductory price of $10.95. We're known as The Communication Connection here in Clifton, NJ. 973-478-0564.

E-mail us if you would like more information.

Good Luck, Eric. Happy to hear that you are doing some real research.

MaryAnne Kowalczyk (MAK)

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