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Date: 97-05-27 14:45:36 EDT
From: stonecit@K2.KIRTLAND.CC.MI.US (Terri Stonecipher)
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This is not a solicitation, but I would contact: (sorry, it is only available in the USA)

Captioned Films and Videos Program
National Association of the Deaf
1447 E. Main Street
Spartanburg, SC 29307
800-237-6213 (voice)
800-237-6819 (tty)
800-538-5636 (fax)

It is a "free-loan captioned videos and films for educational and general interest". In it you will find literally hundreds of films and videos, from Arts to Social Studies. All tapes are open-captioned, so even if your tv isn't equiped with a caption decoder, you can still enjoy this service.

There are a lot of tapes to teach ASL and Fingerspelling, and have recently added tapes on interpreting. Included, are also tapes for children, classics to fairytales. I strongly urge anyone interested on this list to utilize this free service. You get to borrow the tape(s) for a week, and they provide the postage to return the tapes at no cost to you!

This is all made possible because of a grant. NAD is two years into a three year grant, so they have one year left. The more the service is used, the more likely they will get another grant. This is a valuable service for anyone, whether they are D/deaf, hard of hearing, Interpreter, educator, or just have a deaf heart. If you contact NAD (at the above address or phone number) they will send you the paperwork, which is easy to fill out, and order blanks to reserve your video choices.

Terri R. Stonecipher

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