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Subj: Fwd: Parent Study
Date: 97-05-25 13:09:55 EDT


A friend of mine is trying to generate a study that will help parents with disabilities break down some of the pompous attitudes that professionals take with parents (i.e. We will TELL you what is best for your child; Our way or no way; You don't know what you are talking about, etc.) The description of the research appears below along with her email address at the end. I would greatly appreciate parents of children with disabilities participating in this study and I would greatly appreciate you passing this along to other parents of children with disabilities. If they are interested in being a part of this, and do not have an email address, please let Kenalea know and she will get a physical address for them to forward their letter to.

Thanks for your help!

Charley Tiggs
Assistant Dean of Students
Texas Tech University
Box 45014, 250 West Hall
Lubbock, Texas 79409 ------- I am a doctoral level student at Texas Tech University. I am conducting a qualitative research project to explore the 'lived experience of parenting a child with disabilities.' I had been a home interventionist for 10 years working for the Missouri School for the Deaf when I left Missouri to come to Texas Tech for a Master's in Orientation and Mobility. I felt I needed further knowledge in visual impairments in order to help the children and their parents that I worked with. I have stayed to work on the doctorate level because I want to do research that would show the parent perspective because the experiences that I had as a parent advisor showed me that parents are the MOST effective teacher, advocate, etc. the child will ever have. I felt that many professionals were eliminating in one way or the other the most effective persons in the child's life. I believe that there is a need to publish research based literature that shows parents effectiveness. I have seen the many support pages around the world that parents quickly connect via the Internet. Your page is just one of that kind of page. I want to use e-mail to gather information from parents of children with disabilities and wonder if you would consent to be a participant via e-mail in my study. It would simply entail e-mail and if you live close enough for me to visit possibly at least one personal interview. The topic would be the 'lived experience of parenting a child with disabilities.' It would be a phenomonological approach. That means that I would start a topic by asking a question or so and you would give your experiences as communication. I would take the transcripts when the interviews by e-mail are completed and analyze that data and write the study report from the things that are in the transcripts. Real names and geographical information are not used in the report.

Please e-mail me if you would participate in this study. I think it will be very helpful to other parents and to professionals.

Kenalea Johnson
Lubbock, Texas

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