PARENTDEAF-HH: A Loss for Words

Key Words: Deaf education information, Books and Journals, Deafness Specific Professional Resources

Subj: Re: Deaf child as Deaf adult
Date: 97-04-25 07:30:38 EDT
From: (Daley)

At 10:24 PM 4/24/97 -0400, you wrote:

>FATHER MOTHER DEAF by Paul Preston is a wonderful book. >

A book that I really enjoyed was "A LOSS FOR WORDS" by Lou Ann Walker. The materials that I read when we first discovered that Kirsten was Deaf tended to all concern Deaf children. But I found that through these resources, I did not learn much about Deaf Culture or experiences. This book is written by the daughter of two profoundly Deaf parents, she is one of their 3 hearing children and she wrote about their family life from her perspective. Very enlightening.

*Andrea @:~)

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