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Date: 97-03-24 18:38:40 EST
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My name is Richard Roehm and I am deaf and a civil rights activist for the deaf community. I am a victim of a blatant case of discrimination and I have a legal case already in the works. I know what it feels like to have been discriminated against and be treated as a second class citizen.

The past 2 years, since I have left work, I have been using my free time to accumulate resources and ideas for the deaf community and I now function as a deaf rights activist.

I have started a monthly newsletter and it is called DEAF WATCH. It is free. There are no advertisements or any sponsorship. The newsletter has several of the following parts:

1) Letter from the editor.
2) Deaf related news or advocacy.
3) Tips and/or tactics to deal with discrimination/harassment or related story.
4) Short stories about a deaf person and a hearing/disabled person.
5) Deaf frontline news.
6) A reader's letter.

New items are being added each month as I respond to my reader's requests.

All of my newsletters promote deaf unity and cooperation toward a common goal which is to improve the quality of life for the general deaf population.

I have been seen in the news as a civil rights demonstrator and activist on several occasions.

I hope I can have your support for my work as a deaf rights activist by subscribing to my free monthly email newsletter.

To subscribe to my free monthly email newsletter is very easy and it takes 3 minutes of your time.

To subscribe : Send "SUBSCRIBE" to

Please visit the award winning Deaf Watch's homepage at You will find back issues and plenty of resources.

I am grateful for the time you have spent on reading this letter from me and I hope I can have your support in my mission to educate the deaf community.

Thank you very much.
Richard Roehm.

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