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Subject: Re: Syndromes

While we are discussing syndromes, I was wondering how many of you know about CHARGE syndrome? I have been substitute teaching and so far I have come across Down's Syndrome, Emotionally Handicapped, Siezure Disorders/Elephant Man Syndrome (can't remember the name), and CHARGE all at the same school.

With the exception of CHARGE all of the kids were in the same preschool class. I had the benefit of one classroom aid, but it was still a lot to handle. These kids were all deaf/hoh also. Any suggestions on how you would handle these disorders if they were all grouped together in one class. Oh and the class had one hearing boy with language problems and one boy who was deaf only and signed very very well.

UGH!!! The woman who normally teaches this class is up for teacher of the year. Let's hope she wins. She certainly deserves it from what I have seen in the three days I was there.

Any ideas or suggestions or info about CHARGE?

Elizabeth Conway - who is actually loving subbing everywhere.

I found this in and they have a lot of stuff, including deaf and rare disorders.

CHARGE Syndrome Foundation, Inc.
2004 Parkade Blvd.
Columbia, MO 65202-3121
(573) 499-4694

Mike Yared

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