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Subj: Quick first grade project (fwd)
Date: 97-02-04 07:51:16 EST
From: smanros@EN.COM (Susan Manross)
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Dear Edudeafers - Thought I would fwd this on to other first grade teachers. My class participated with Diane's class on another simple e-mail project. I *love* her ideas because this woman has a handle on what is appropriate for first graders and their harried teachers who are *always* under time constraints! ;-) I, personally, have always shied away from e-mail projects that looked like they would take a life-long commitment! HA!

Her last project involved taking temperature and weather conditions for one week. Hey, we could do that and we did! Extra added bonus was that my class got a "Thomas" picture from Lauren! This activity was done in conjunction with reading the book, "Thomas's Snowsuit". We tied it into math and social studies also. Gosh, it was hard hearing that it was 72 degrees in Guam! In Cleveland, we were at -20 with wind chill! Yikes!!!

Sue Manross
teacher of first grade deaf chr
Cleveland, OH

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