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Subj: unit on dinosaurs
Date: 97-12-02 13:47:16 EST
From: leibee@EN.COM (Amy Mordaunt)
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Hi, everyone,

I have been searching the web for material for a unit on dinosaurs. I thought I'd share the fruit of my labors, for anyone thinking of implementing such a unit. This is not comprehensive, but a few of the better sites I found.

Amy Mordaunt


About Dinosaurs

The Dinosaur Pages

National Geographic Page on Dinosaur Eggs

Dinosauria On-Line


Dinosaur Lesson Plans

Debbie's Unit Factory--May Links--Dinosaurs

*Note: Page contains several links for other lesson plans on dinosaurs.

Newton's Apple--Activity for Dinosaur Extinction

A Unit on Dinosaurs

On-Line Museums Featuring Dinosaurs

The Dinosaur Hall--National Museum of Natural History

The Field Museum of Natural History


New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science


Dinosaurs at the Hunterian Museum


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