I originally questioned the possibility of identifying contexts and behaviors to use to determine the communication strategy to use with deaf/hh infants and toddlers and their families. The following are a progression of questions that I had as I researched.

  1. What behaviors do deaf infants and toddlers exhibit that help parents and providers choose a specific approach? (6/24)

  2. Is there one right approach for a specific child or can that child benefit from either of the approaches? (6/27)

  3. How long should a family use an approach before deciding its effectiveness with their child? (6/27)

  4. Are there specific variables in a deaf infant's life that would make one approach be more successful than another? (7/1)

  5. What are the programs that truly use an objective diagnostic approach? (7/15)

  6. Once an approach is decided on, how do you determine if it is being effective? (7/21)