Are there contexts and behaviors of deaf/hard of hearing infants and toddlers that we can identify that would help parents determine the communication option (ie; oral- oral/signed English/ ASL) to use with their child and family? (6/24)

There are familial contexts and child behaviors that can make one option more successful than another. Identifying them, however, is more difficult as every child is an individual and every family is an entity unto itself. With such diversity, there can be no checklist or scientific formula that can predict the most successful option for a particular child and family. In addition, Moeller and Condon (1994) explain that this type of decision can only be made through a discovery process. Parents need to observe successes with their child and then decide which approach makes them feel the most comfortable.

At first, I thought that the information that I gathered lead me to somewhat of a "dead end". Then, as I learned more about working with families, I realized that as professionals we have a lot to bring to the table. We bring our observational skills, our knowledge of child development, our awareness of the d/Deaf world, and critical thinking skills.

What can we do?