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Music Teachers' Perceptions of Children Who Are Deaf

Linsenmeier, C. V. (1997). What I have learned from teaching Peter. American Suzuki Journal, 25(2), 72.

This article presents a description of what one private music teacher has learned from teaching violin to a six-year-old boy who has profound hearing loss.

Gfeller, K., Darrow, A. A., & Hedden, S. K. (1990). Perceived effectiveness of mainstreaming in Iowa and Kansas schools. Journal of Research in Music Education, 38(2), 90-101.

Buried in the results of this survey of 350 music educators from Iowa and Kansas is the finding that 40% of them report having difficulty in working with children who have hearing impairments. It is also reported that music teachers need more instructional support and inservice training to be able to teach these students successfully than they were receiving.

White, L.D. (1981/1982). Study of the attitudes of selected public school music educators toward the integration of handicapped students into music classes. Contributions to Music Education, 9, 36-47.

Among the results of this study of the attitudes toward students with disabilities held by 67 music teachers in North Carolina, is the finding that 28-50% of these music teachers felt qualified to teach students who have hearing impairments. Among these teachers, 13-69% were willing to accept students with hearing impairments into their classes if they were given assistance in terms of resources and teacher training workshops. Junior high choral and elementary instrument music teachers felt least qualified and were least willing to accept students who have hearing impairments into their classes.