Growing Up With Language

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Terris Wilcynski

Kent State University

Baron, N. S. (1992). Growing up with language. Reading, MA: Addison-Wesley.


This book by Naomi Baron does an excellent job of explaining how children acquire language and the stages of language acquisition, as well as many of the common language characteristics all children go through. Although she focuses on young children in this book, many of her observations could probably be applied to older children who are also trying to learn a spoken (or, in some ways, signed) language. The different stages of language development are clearly explained, as are the characteristics of each stage. Clear, concise examples are given for each stage and, also, all characteristics.

In order to help clarify the stages and characteristics described, Ms. Baron has invented fictional children to make her explanations easier to see and understand. These three children also help illustrate that not all children go through the same stages or exhibit the same characteristics at the same age. These generalizations help make the book easier to understand and, I think, make it a fairly valuable and useful book to have on hand as a reference.

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