October Activities
24 - 36 months

An Orange Story

As your child places orange objects in a box, incorporate the names of the objects in an "orange" story you make up.

Learning Names

Encourage your child to learn the names of familiar people. For example, ask, "Where is your sister Mary?" When your child points or looks at her, smile and say, "Yes, that's Mary!" Encourage your child to say his or her name. Show pictures of family members and ask your child to point to and name them.

What's Inside?

Let your child touch and feel a small pumpkin as you describe it. Then cut it open and talk about what's inside.


Describe your child's daily actions by using the "ing" form of verbs: "Cindy is jumping up an down," "Tom is washing his hands," etc.

Pumpkin Patch Game

Cut pumpkin shapes out of orange construction paper. Hide the shapes around the room and help your child look for them. When you find a shape, talk about where you found it. Let your child use a plastic pumpkin to collect the pumpkins that are found.

These activities were taken from A Year of Fun: Just for Two's and A Year of Fun: Just for Three's.

Monthly Activities