September Activities
24 - 36 months

Tea Party

Set out two plates and two cups. Let your child invite a stuffed animal to come for tea. Have your child sit down at the table with the guest. Serve crackers and juice and let your child pretend to feed the stuffed animal.

Stuff the Pillow

Help your child crumple sheets of newspaper and stuff them inside a large plastic trash bag. When the bag is half full, push out as much air as possible and close it securely. Let your child jump and play on the big "pillow".

Apple Colors

Let out a basket of red, green, and yellow apples and pieces of red, green, and yellow construction paper. Help your child place the apples on the matching-colored papers.

Feelie Book

Make a "Feelie Book" with your child. Look for small things around the house that have different textures and glue them onto paper. Label each item. Talk about how they feel. For example: cotton-fuzzy; aluminum foil-smooth; sandpaper-rough; rubber band-stretchy; velvet-soft; stone-hard; etc.


Draw a straight line. Have your child trace it with a crayon. Can your child trace a circle, a square, a triangle? (You may need to hold your hand over your child's hand to guide it).

These activities were taken from A Year of Fun: Just for Two's and A Year of Fun: Just for Three's.

Monthly Activities