August Activities
24 - 36 months

Drop the Clothespin

File smooth or tape the rough edges of a large can and place it on the floor. Take turns with your child standing beside the can and trying to drop clothespins into it.

Story Block

Glue pictures to the six sides of a square box to make a Story Block. As your child moves the block around, make up a story about the pictures.

Dip and Dab

Give your child a sponge and some water in a bucket. Encourage your child to "paint" outdoor things such as the house, the sidewalk, riding toys, trees, etc.

Sock Snake

Help your child fill a tube sock with fabric scraps, old pantyhose, or crumpled newspaper. Tie to end closed. Use a permanent marker to draw a face on the toe of the stuffed sock. Let your child slither the snake across the floor while making hissing sounds.

Feelie Walk

During a walk, stop several times to touch and feel different things such as a fuzzy leaf, prickly needles on a spruce tree, cool water, rough tree bark, or warm pavement. Let your child gather some nature objects along the way. When you return home, help your child make a nature collage.

Teddy Bear Tickle

Hold up a teddy bear. Reinforce body part names by having your child point to, name, and tickle its different body parts.

These activities were taken from A Year of Fun: Just for Two's and A Year of Fun: Just for Three's.

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