July Activities
24 - 36 months

Pop the Bubbles

Blow bubbles toward your child's chest. Encourage your child to pop the bubbles by using a clapping motion. Let your child try blowing some bubbles.


When going for a walk, take a paper bag and ask your child to collect one rock, one leaf, one twig, etc. Remind your child to take only items on the ground and to not pick leaves or flowers from plants. After you have finished your walk, you could make a Nature Collage.

Water Footprints

Cut a large paper grocery bag a part at the seams and lay it flat on the floor or sidewalk. Let your child step into a shallow pan of water in his or her bare feet and then walk across the paper bag, leaving footprints. Watch the footprints as the water evaporates.

Learning to Take Turns

Invite one of your child's friends over. Play Follow the Leader with them. Show them a hat and call it the "leader's hat". Let each child wear it when it is his or her turn to the leader. This will help the children understand the meaning of taking turns.

Color Walk

Before going on a walk, pin or tie a piece of cloth or paper of a specific color on your child's sleeve. Let your child look for that color during your walk.

What is It?

Tape-record sounds around the house and outdoors that your child can hear. Help your child identify the sounds.

These activities were taken from A Year of Fun: Just for Two's.

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