June Activities
24 - 36 months

Be Specific

When talking with your child, use words that actually name things like "car" or "coat", instead of "this", "that" or "it". Say, "Put the ball on the shelf" instead of , "Put it over there."

Circle Art

Make a paint pad by folding a paper towel in half, placing it in a shallow container, and pouring on small amount of tempera paint. Show your child how to press the top of a paper cup on the paint pad, then onto a sheet of white paper to make circles.


Look through old magazines and help your child find pictures of things to wear. Cut or tear out the pictures and paste them onto a sheet of paper. Hang the collage up at your child's eye level. Next time, look for things to eat.

Make a Necklace

Let your child string large uncooked macaroni to make a necklace. Your child can use markers to decorate the noodles or you can dip to necklace on water tinted with fork coloring. Add wagon wheel pasta or other shapes for extra fun.

Color Sorting

Place several small plastic bowls in front of your child. Show your child how to sort colored blocks by putting all the red ones into one bowl, the blue ones into another, etc. Talk about the colors and encourage your child to use the color names during this activity.

These activities were taken from A Year of Fun: Just for One's.

Monthly Activities