May Activities
24 - 36 months

Feed the Baby

Engage your child in pretend play by providing a doll baby and asking your child to assume the role of the parent. With your help, your child will learn many new words and phrases while deciding what to feed the baby or what needs to be done to get it ready for bed.

Pin the Can

Show your child how to put slotted clothespins around the rim of a coffee can (or the edge of a shoe box). Help him or her place the clothespin all around the edge of the can. Then let hem or her take the clothespins off the edge and place them inside the can. Your child will have fun repeating this process over and over.

Hide and Seek Language

Help your child learn to correctly pronounce the beginning and ending sounds of words by playing the game Hide-and-Seek. Ask your child to find objects, stressing their beginning and ending sounds as you name them. Ask your child to name each object when it is found. Try to use one-syllable words such as hat, boat, duck, or book.

Big and Little Hands

Trace your hand and your child's hand on a sheet of paper. Point out the big hand and the little hand. Let your child decorate the hands with stickers.

Square Collage

Cut squares of various sizes out of colored construction paper and gift wrap. Help your child brush glue all over a large piece of white paper. Then help your child arrange the squares on the glued surface to make a collage.

These activities were taken from A Year of Fun: Just for One's and A Year of Fun: Just for Two's.

Monthly Activities