February Activities
24 - 36 months

"I Love..."

Take turns passing a decorated heart shape among family members. While holding the heart, ask each person to name people that he or she loves.

Valentine's for the Birds

Help your child use a cookie cutter to cut a heart shape from a slice of stale bread. Spread peanut butter on the heart and then sprinkle on bird seed. Poke a pipe cleaner through the heart to make a hanger. Hang the valentine on a tree and watch through the window as the birds come to enjoy their valentine treat.

Laundry Day

Let your child help you sort your clothes for washing. After the wash is done, encourage your youngster to sort the socks, towels, underwear, or shirts into different piles.

Seasonal Stories

Cut the picture pages out of an old nature-scene calendar. Collect twelve stickers of the same character, such as a teddy bear, and place one sticker on each page. Staple the pages together to make a book. Let your child tell you what the teddy bear is doing on each page.


Sing "The ABC Song" often. Great times to practice are during bath time, play time, or bed time, while walking, or driving, etc. Your child will sing along and learn the names of the letters.

These activities were taken from A Year of Fun: Just for One's.

Monthly Activities