January Activities
24 -36 months

Sticker Collage

Help your child attach an assortment of self-adhesive stickers to a sheet of construction paper. Hang it up for everyone to admire.

Puffy Snowman

Cut two large circles out of white paper, making one slightly smaller than the other. Help your child dip cotton balls into a shallow container of glue and place them on the circles. Assemble the snowman by gluing the circles onto a sheet of construction paper. Decorate the snowman with facial features and clothing shapes cut from construction paper.

Shapes Match

Cut out pairs of circles, squares, and triangles. Hold up a shape and ask your child to find the one that matches it.

Bird Snack

Help your child string O-shaped cereal pieces on a long piece of yarn or string and then hang it on a tree or a bush outside your window. Watch the birds enjoy this special treat.

Mirror, Mirror

Look in the mirror with your child. Talk about each other's color of hair and eyes. Who is taller? Who is shorter? Can your child point to your elbow, shoulders, chin, or neck?

These activities were taken from A Year of Fun: Just for One's.

Monthly Activities