November Activities
12 - 24 months

Pumpkin Smoothies

Let your child help you make a fun holiday mild drink. Combine 1 cup mild, 1 sliced banana, 2 tablespoons cooked pumpkin, and a dash of cinnamon in a blender. Process until smooth. Makes four to six small servings.

Coffee Can Drum

You can make a simple drum for your child. Give him or her a large, clean coffee can with a plastic lid. Set it in front of your child as he or she sits on the floor. Provide a small wooden spoon to use as a drumstick. Supervise the drumming. Encourage beating on the top of the drum, but don't be surprised if your child is also fascinated by the sounds made while tapping on the sides and bottom of the drum.

Copy Cat

Perform an action and encourage your child to imitate you. Try reversing the game, so that you imitate your child. This usually turns into a very fun and silly game.

Spatial Relations

A child learns about space when he or she crawls under, through, and over things. Say the words that match your child's actions as he or she crawls around objects you have set out.

These activities were taken from A Year of Fun: Just for One's.

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