September Activities
12 - 24 months

Music to the Ears

Let your child bang on pots and pans with wooden and metal spoons. Help him or her notice the different sounds made by to spoons as they hit the pans.

Hide and Seek

Play a game of Hide-and-Seek with your child. When it's your turn to hide, call out to your child so that he or she can find you by following the sound of your voice. Another time, instead of searching for each other, try searching for a hidden, ticking alarm clock.

What's Under the Basket

Put a familiar object on the floor and place a laundry basket over it. Have your child look through the holes in the basket and try to guess what the object is. Slowly lift up the basket to let your child see if to guess was correct. Touch Talk Make up a simple game with your child. Go around the room or the yard holding your child. As you approach an object, touch it and say its name.

Listening Skills

As your child learns to make sense of the sights and sounds around him or her, you can help develop his or her listening skills by playing simple games, such as:

Play Phone

Give your child a toy telephone and play "phone" with him or her. Carry on pretend phone conversations. Encourage him or her to make the ringing sound and to pick up the receiver and talk to you or to someone else.

These activities were taken from A Year of Fun: Just for One's.

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