July Activities
12 - 24 months

Water Play

An outdoor wading pull will provide hours of fun for your child on a warm day. Provide sponges, cups, squirt bottles, funnels spray bottles, and other water toys.

Going Boating

Collect a variety of foil pans. Fill a wading pool or bathtub with water. Put the pans into the water. Let your child play with the foil pan "boats". Show him or her how you can place small toy "passengers" in the boats. This activity is great for either outdoor or indoor fun.

Handy Fun

Make crayon hand prints with your child. On a piece of paper, trace around his or her hand with a crayon. Then let him or her help you use the crayon to trace around your hand.

Family Photo Book

Make your child a personalized album. Purchase a small photo holder and fill it with photos of family members and pets. "Read" the book with your child, making up simple sentences about each picture, such as"Daddy likes to play with Spot." Ask your child to point to specific people or objects.

Beach Ball Kick

Take your child to an open area. Let him or her practice kicking an inflated beach ball. Turn this into a game by kicking the ball back to your child.

These activities were taken from A Year of Fun: Just for One's.

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