May Activities
12 - 24 months

Picture Books

When looking at picture books with your child, begin by introducing the pictures in the book with phrases such as "See the dog? Dogs like to jump and play." Later, on the second or third reading, name the objects and ask your child to point them out in the pictures.

Special Times

Toddlers still demand and enjoy a great deal of holding and cuddling. Take advantage of these special times to sing and move together. Teach your child the song "I'm a Little Teapot" and do the suggested movements together.


Capitalize on your child's interest in helping with housework. Encourage your child to imitate simple household tasks such as sweeping or dusting. Give lots of praise. Your child will feel pride and a sense of accomplishment.

Hide and Seek

To play a simplified game of Hide and Seek, move an object between your and your child and pretend not to be able to see him or her. Say "Where's (child's name)? Then "find" your child. Toddlers love to play this game and usually smile, clap, and giggle when they are "found".

Pick and Choose

Cut out pictures of objects from magazines. Glue them onto separate pieces of cardboard. Collect the actual objects that these pictures represent. Place them in front of your child. Hold up a picture and encourage your child to find the matching object.

These activities were taken from A Year of Fun: Just for One's and A Year of Fun: Just for Two's.

Monthly Activities