April Acivities
12 - 24 months

Fill and Empty

Place 12 plastic eggs in a basket. Set the basket and an empty egg carton on the floor. Let your child put the eggs into the cups of the egg carton and then empty them back into the basket. Talk about the egg colors as your child plays.

Playing with Sponges

Set out a dishpan of water and a variety of sponges. Have your child put the sponges into the water. Let your child experiment with squeezing and floating the sponges and using them to make bubbles. Bive your child various small objects to balance on top of the sponges. Talk to your child about what is happening.

Beanbag Basket Targets

Take turns with your child tossing beanbags into a laundry basket. Be sure to clap and give lots of praise every time your child successfully tosses a - beanbag into the basket.

Coloring Box

Set out a large box for your child. Give him or her several crayons and have him or her sit inside the box. Let your child use the crayons to decorate the inside of the box. On the outside of the box, write your child's name. Leave the decorated container out for your child to play in.

These activities were taken from A Year of Fun: Just for One's and A Year of Fun: Just for Two's.

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