March Activities
12 - 24 months

Learning an Old Favorite

Before introducing your child to the song "Old MacDonald", review familiar animals with him or her. Sing only as long as your child is excited about the song and limit the verses to animals he or she is familiar with.
    Old MacDonald Had a Farm
    Old MacDonald had a farm,
    And on his farm he had a horse,
    With a neigh-neigh here
    And a neigh-neigh there,
    Here a neigh, there a neigh,
    Everywhere a neigh-neigh,
    Old MacDonald had a farm,
    Additional verses: Cow/moo-moo; sheep/baa-baa; dog/bow-bow; pig/oink-
    oink; rooster/cock-a-doodle.

Follow the Leader

Encourage your child to imitate your actions as you play the game Follow the Leader. Have your child join you as you jump, turn around, run, walk, roll on the floor, throw the ball, walk backward, dance, and so on. Describe what you are doing so that your child can learn new words.

Making Choices

Give your child the opportunity to begin making decisions While dressing, pull out two acceptable choices and let your child choose which on to wear. You can focus on clothing vocabulary.

Busy Box

Keep a container of play items in your kitchen. When you are busy cooking, pull out the container to keep your child occupied

These activities were taken from A Year of Fun: Just for One's .

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