10-Month-Old Activities


Make pretend ringing sounds. Encourage baby to pick up the receiver of a toy telephone. Make vocalizations that he or she can imitate while on the phone.

Stacking Rings

Show baby how to place and remove the plastic rings of a stacking toy that has a flat base. The flat base prevents the toy from rocking back and forth while baby is trying to manipulate the rings.

Block Drop

Set a small shoe box and a bowl of blocks next to baby and encourage him or her to drop the blocks one at a time into the box. Help baby dump the contents on the floor. Clap at baby's accomplishments.

Blowing Kisses

Encourage baby to imitate your actions. Spread your arms and say "(Baby's name) is this big!" Then say, "Blow Mommy a Kiss!" as you show baby how to do it. Other actions baby can imitate include waving, clapping hands, and stirring with a spoon.

Sing and Sway

Hold baby's hands while he or she is standing . Begin singing a song and swaying back and forth with baby. Move baby's hands and turn him or her around. Don't forget to shake your head. Encourage baby to imitate your actions.

These activities were taken from A Year of Fun: Just for Babies.

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