7-Month-Old Activities

Picking Up

During mealtime, place several O-shaped pieces of cereal on baby's high chair tray. Encourage baby to pick them up.

Covered Up

Play peekaboo by covering your face with a towel. Ask "Where is Mommy/Daddy?" See if baby pulls at the towel to find you.

Side to Side

Show baby a favorite toy. Place it next to him or her. Encourage baby to turn to one side to find and get the toy. Place the toy on the other side of baby. Baby will be motivated to turn in the other direction to retrieve the toy. Finally, have baby watch as you place the toy behind him or her. Does baby know to turn around to get the toy. You could also use a sound toy and see if baby can find the noise.

Practice Makes Perfect

Continue to imitate baby's vocalizations. Baby will be motivated to repeat sounds, which are the building blocks to verbal communication.

These activities were taken from A Year of Fun: Just for Babies.

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