6-Month-Old Activities

Sounds All Around

When using household appliances, talk to baby about the sounds they make. Let baby see the appliances in action. Point out the sounds made by the electric mixer, washing machine, dishwasher, microwave oven, popcorn popper, kitchen timer, flushing toilet, door bell, radio, tape player, and vacuum cleaner.

Familiar Faces

When a family member or other familiar person is in the room, ask baby, "Where is (name of person)?" Encourage baby to look around the room. Praise baby when he or she looks at the person.

Back and Forth

Sit on the floor with baby between your legs. Have a friend or family member sit across from you. Take turns rolling a ball to each other. Baby will delight in watching the ball roll toward both of you and will enjoy helping you push the ball away.

Touch and Say

Put baby's hand on a part of your face or head(nose, mouth, hair, chin, ear, and so on) as you name it. Next, use baby's hand to touch the same part on his or her own head as you name each part. Continue the game by pointing to a different part of your head or face.

Hide and Seek

Hide a small toy in one of your pockets, making sure that part of it is showing. Ask baby to find it. Allow baby to pull it out of your pocket and play with it for a moment. Then have baby watch as you hide the toy behind you. Ask baby to find the toy. Give lots of praise!

These activities were taken from A Year of Fun: Just for Babies.

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