4-Month-Old Activities

Mirror Images

Stand with baby in front of a mirror. Point to baby's reflection. Then touch and name different parts of baby's body as you both look in the mirror. Move closer to the mirror and encourage baby to touch his or her reflection.

Get It

Sit at a table and hold baby on your lap. Place an object, such as a rattle, a cup, a plastic ring, or a toy, in front of baby. Encourage baby to reach for and grasp the object by saying, "Get the ________." Praise and hug baby for his or her accomplishments.

Early Reading

Early reading with your baby means looking at a few pictures and talking about them in short repetitive phrases. As your baby grows, more pages can be added.

Feel the Breeze

Use a straw or a toilet tissue tube to blow air onto different parts of baby's body. Baby will enjoy the sensation.

Window Gazing

Place baby in an infant seat. Position baby near the window and talk about the things you see outside. Point to the birds at the feeder, the snow, the rustling leaves in the wind, the rain hitting the window, the colorful flowers, the dog barking, the cars passing, and so on.

These activities were taken from A Year of Fun: Just for Babies.

Monthly Activities