1-Month-Old Activities


When you talk to baby, be sure to call him or her by name.

Baby Listens

Talk and sing to baby while you engage in daily activities. Sing about what you are doing. At first, you will do all the talking. Soon, however, your baby will respond by waving arms and legs, cooing, babbling, and laughing.

Foot Fun

Securely fasten short pieces of yarn and a small bell to the end of an old booty or baby's sock. Use a permanent felt tip marker to add facial features to the puppet. Put the puppet on baby's foot and watch baby delight in hearing the bell while learning to coordinate hands, feet, and eyes. (Always supervise baby when using items having small pieces attached to them.)

Here and There

Play this game while baby is sitting in an infant seat. Ring a bell on one side of the seat. Then, ring it on the other side, while encouraging baby to turn his or her head toward the sound.

Diapering Corner

Hang several pictures on the wall near your diapering area. Baby will look at the pictures during diapering. Point to and name the pictures for baby. Change the pictures periodically so baby doesn't get bored.

These activities were taken from A Year of Fun: Just for Babies.

Monthly Activities