Newborn Activities

Shake and Rattle

Shake a rattle or jingle a bell near one side of baby's head. Then shake or jingle it on the other side. Eventually, baby will search for the sound with his or her eyes.

Start Early

Tell baby stories on a regular basis. Baby will not understand what you are saying, but he or she will sense the warmth of your touch and the comforting tone of your voice.

Love and Trust

Spend many moments holding and rocking baby while singing a song. Softly whisper in his or her ear. These actions give baby a sense of love and trust.

Sweet Melody

Hang a wind chime above baby's crib. He or she will enjoy listening to the melodious sounds it makes as you gently move the chime.

On the Move

Hold baby on your shoulder as you move around the room. Take a moment to stand near something interesting for baby to look at.

These activities were taken from A Year of Fun: Just for Babies.

Monthly Activities